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APR cover

Clem Bianchi is a courier, delivering mail in space one job at a time. When a chance encounter awakens them to the ability to hear conversations tied to their mail, they start a journey of adventure, conspiracy, and connections made across the stars.Written and produced by Jay and Chris, and starring Kai Swanson as Clem!

After School Anime Club

After School Anime Club Cover

Join three anime fans on a trip back to the time before cell phones, high-speed internet, and streaming TV. We'll play games, watch unique and way out-there shows, and do our best to recreate the feeling of waiting for the bell to ring so you can run from your last class to the next meeting of...The After School Anime Club.

ARGonauts Podcast

Argonauts Cover

Andrew tries his best to solve Alternate Reality Games. Marn tells him what he should have done instead.

Champs in the Making
- Ranking Every Pokemon

Champs in the Making Cover

From the hosts of several podcasts at Moonshot comes the best idea for a podcast of all time: Champs in the Making. With a revolving table of voices, we'll use a bracket to find the best Pokémon of all.

Citizen Hank: A King of the Hill Discussion Podcast

Citizen Hank Cover

A King of the Hill Podcast where the host Jory is determined to prove that King of the Hill is the Citizen Kane of animated sitcoms. Each episode he is accompanied by a guest as they discuss the themes, comedy, and situations that make the series so great and relatable.

CWFP: Casual Wrestling Fan Podcast

CWFP: Casual Wrestling Fan Cover

Cam and Jory were big fans of wrestling during the Attitude Era and are now back watching the WWE 15 years later! Weekly recaps, thoughts, and goofs about PPV's, Raw, and Smackdown! SPOILERS INSIDE SO BE CAREFUL! Oh, and we use swears.


Dead Letter Society

Dead Letter Society Cover

Dead Letter Society is a horror book club podcast where your spooky host Marn invites friends into her library of terror to discuss the novels, short stories, creepypastas, and interactive fiction that scares them.

Dead Teen House Party

Dead Teen House Party Cover

Dead Teen House Party is a Moonshot limited series podcast where hosts Marn, Emma, Neassa, and Jacqueline keep tabs on the teen drama and murder scenes of MTV's Scream, a show that has less to do with its namesake movie than you would think.

The Hyperfixation

The Hyperfixation Cover

Roma is just a little guy wanting to learn about more things in the world- but doesn’t have enough time! However- they might be able to get an approximate knowledge of MANY things through their friend’s hyperfixations in 30-45 minute intervals!

I'll Be Pod for Castmas

I'll Be Pod for Castmas Cover

Every July and December, Juliet and their co-host playwright Katherine Varga take a piece of holiday pop culture and discuss it through the lens of a piece of topical classic literature — like the seminal hit "Last Christmas" through Jorge Luis Borges' famous essays "Kafka and His Precursors" and "A New Refutation of Time". Find it four times a year on the Moonshot Podcast network, and every month at!

Kame House Party

Kame House Party Cover

The only improv comedy Dragon Ball podcast in the universe wherein Vince White and Aaron J. Shelton attempt the ridiculous task of watching every episode and iteration of the franchise.

Learning Tarot Together

Learning Tarot Together cover

Full time social worker, part time tarot enthusiast Felix brings guests and listeners along on their journey through learning all 78 tarot cards.

The Maniculum

The Maniculum Cover

Maniculum: little hand, pointing finger; often found in manuscript marginaliaWe’re Mac and Zoe - a medievalist PhD candidate and an academic-turned game designer, and we’re dedicated to breaking down the ivory tower of academia and making good stories accessible by pointing back to the rich world of the Middle Ages.Join us as we find obscure medieval texts, contextualize them, and teach you how to create fresh stories and compelling games - not through new ideas, but old ones!

Mac Boyle
Zoe Franznick

Okashi Na Podcast: Anime With Friends!

Okashi Na Podcast Cover

Join producer and host, Sabrina Rei (A Cruel Angel's Podcast) and her childhood friend Don as they discuss odd, amusing, and oddly amusing anime from Japan and beyond. Deep dives, dated references, weeb shit. Includes; BEASTARS, Sarazanmai, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, Paranoia Agent, Wonder Egg Priority and more!

The Podcast Mines: There But For The Grace of Pod Go We

The Podcast Mines Cover

Riley and Andrew spend 90% of their time DMing each other about cool podcasts they could start instead of actually recording them. Now, they're gonna grab microphones and talk about those ideas instead of actually recording them. Maybe someday they'll even start a podcast.

Riley Hopkins And Their Amazing Friends

Riley Hopkins And Their Amazing Friends is A Fanfiction inspired Actual Play Podcast where we are taking the properties that copyright keeps from us and telling better stories with them, because if we don't, who will? Formerly known as If Not Us Then Who.

Three Little Words

Three Little Words Cover

Claudia and Nicole rate, read, and rank romance novels on three criteria: Steaminess, Dreaminess, and Memeiness.


Unplaytested Cover

Alex and Lara have a great big list of ludicrous RPG ideas and we’re going to make all of them. Every week we roll up a random suggestion, like “What you think Naruto is probably like” or “The golden age of piracy atop water-dwelling kaiju.” Then we figure out how to make turn that into a game. Then next week we’ll live-play it on Twitch, and see what happens.

Unwise Girls

Unwise Girls Cover

Jane and Jacqueline, the Unwise Girls, are reading through all of Rick Riordan's mythology-based book series, from Percy Jackson to Magnus Chase and everything in-between. Jacqueline's read a lot of these, and Jane's read just a couple, so have fun on the journey with us!

Special thanks to Emily Hsu for the Carrd Design!

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Dishcourse Cover

Discourse is the Patreon-first Moonshot Network (previously Orange Groves) podcast where we talk about food. Your host for this banquet is Jay, who holds court between Moonshot network hosts, guests and whoever they can find, to talk about food, what it means to us, and what we do it. Sometimes a game show, sometimes simply a gathering; Just like the family dinner table, you never quite know what you're going to get.

Game Mechanics - A Critical Tabletop Podcast

Game Mechanics Cover

Welcome to Game Mechanics, a show about Tabletop Roleplaying Games from lots of different perspectives. Each episode, host Logan Jenkins brings in an industry insider to talk about different aspects of Roleplaying games. Whether it’s system authors, module writers, content creators, personalities in the industry, or something else we haven't thought of yet, you’ll hear folks talk about every aspect of this incredible hobby.


LGBTimeMachine Cover

LGBTimeMachine is a brand new podcast dedicated to exploring and discussing LGBTQ+ history.

The Marmoset Chronicles - A Personal Retrospective

The Marmoset Chronicles Cover

We know, it's been done before.You already know about The Marmoset Chronicles, the 8-movie saga by reclusive visionary director Laz Patillo. You already know how it became a cultural touchstone from 1970 to 1986, affecting everything in its wake. So why another podcast on it? This show is simply a personal retrospective; a discussion of why we (hosts Kirsten and Jay) love these movies so dearly and what they've meant to us growing up through today.

Summer Twilight Book Club

Summer Twilight Book Club Cover

Two dumb bitches put their social work degrees to good use by discussing the four horniest books of their teenage years.


They/Them/Theirs -
A Monthly Non-binary Discussion

They Them Theirs Cover

Rayne and Casey are non-binary and once a month they get together and talk into microphones. We're here, we're queer, let's talk about shit.

Weebkend Warriors - A Short Anime Discussion Podcast

Weebkend Warriors Cover

Weebkend Warriors is an anime podcast focused on covering anime that are 24 episodes or less - something you can conceivably finish in a weekend!


Wik-EEK!-Pedia Cover

Andrew's stuck in some sort of purgatory with nobody except an egg statue and an evil Producer to keep him company. To pass the time, he has to produce a podcast where he reads the Wikipedia Pages for all of the movies he was too spooked to watch in the real world.

Special thanks to Emily Hsu for the Carrd Design!